Why ever do you try to know

The future, which nothing is known?

As though prophecy, or the divine, can say

What will come of your fate and mine.


Stop this; don’t waste your time,

For still the frost will come

While the thunderstorms roll by

And we are drunk on summer wine.


Come, before the winter air blows

For your life hangs like a simple rose

Drooping down for the plucking

Take it before it goes.


8 thoughts on “Horatius

  1. For your life hangs like a simple rose…..oh such a wonderful and profound line! Thank you for finding and following my blog. I hope you will visit often. I look forward to future posts from you!

  2. So true. I’m oldish ( never give in to old age) but I still feel blessed to be able to enjoy all the amazing things life had to offer. As you say ‘ Take them before they go’.

  3. Once again, very poignant and compelling words. Joshua, does this have any bearing on the profound changes your life is going through at this moment? Keep up the Good Words.

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