Changing perspectives to the Witiko. What will their take be on the Ispolini. Recognize the hints towards the First as Tundris Mor begins to connect with the rest of Infinia!


3 thoughts on “TUNDRIS MOR: EPISODE 7

  1. M. Zane McClellan

    Very compelling story. Definitely the kind I like to get caught up in. I don’t know if you ever read Sherilynn Kenyon, but it has the feel of her Sci fi books. Well done !

    1. I have not read Sherilynn Kenyon before actually. I have really enjoyed working on this series with Infinia. At the moment, I am currently working on a handful of other books simultaneously. If I can slow down, I need to take some time and read in-between projects!

      1. M. Zane McClellan

        Reading has always been my favorite past time, but now it’s an important tool in my own endeavor to get my first novel done. She writes Paranormal activity, not my thing, but the sci-fi aspect of it is outstanding to me.

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