City of Woe

‘In the midway of this our mortal life,

I found me in a gloomy wood, astray,’

My grief, my sadness, my sorrow

I’d as lief go today as tomorrow

Smother this life away

And let me begin again.

I disputed, I promised, I talked

I imputed my own failure as I walked

Those I loved, I betrayed

Please let me begin again.

It tied, and entwined, and knotted

I cried as my finite mind plotted

The rope tensed with my descent

Why did I not begin again?

‘Eternal, and eternal I endure.

All hope abandon ye who enter here.’


12 thoughts on “City of Woe

    • Thank you so much, Gregory. I figured the picture may be needed to give clear conclusion as to what had happened. Sometimes, I think I am too abstract.

      I almost was curious if you wanted to join an online RPG that I am hosting through Google Drive. I am starting the game Saturday, so you wouldn’t have much prep time to become familiar with the world. But, I’d throw it out there. No dice. No character sheets. It is just RPing in the world. It’s a political game.

  1. Thanks for the offer, but Saturday is the day my wife and I spend doing our together stuff and I’m just beginning a new job. It would be awesome, but I can’t. ;( Now, I’d love to see the world stuff, still. I’m always interested in how other people build their worlds.

  2. Interesting poem. Have you ever read the Victorian poem “The City of Dreadful Night”? I think it’s by James Thomson. You can find it in any good traditional anthology; I think you’d find it sympathetic to this sort of topic.

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