How has this red pen found its way into my hand?

Scribbling and writing where black ink should land

Words fill the paper like ink dripping from a quill

My mind swarms in chaos, but my body is at a standstill

Except for my fingers sliding up the smooth edges of my pen

That hurriedly writes the words that my mind recognizes as sin

It is as though two men are trapped within my scarred soul

Possible, it cannot be, for two men to survive as one whole


Darkness then is blotched across the weary paper

The bloodstained ink has disappeared like a lucid vapor

Such hatred is inborn within ink colored thoroughly black

It ricochets in my body, and I begin to feel my soul crack

Twisting futilely in circles trying to withstand the strain

I have misplaced pleasant sounds to shrill screams of pain

One half of me strangling the other driven by complete madness

The other taking it in stride, overwhelmed by a great sadness


I take a step back as though for my eyes have been deceived

Never will I quite understand all that I have previously believed

I cower in the brightness, praying it will protect me from unholy chasms

The closer to God I become, the more temptation appears as phantasms

I fear that I will lose the focus as fragility fringes upon my fate

Fortune cannot be granted to a fool whose watch is an hour too late

So, I lay down in softened grasses staring at an eclipse, a clever molding

Then with great regret, began to question why this life is worth holding


Again black hatred streams like tar-stained tears down my cruel face

Through the shadows I continue to find purpose for my pompous place

Through time, memories bring forth a lesson in order to rightly remind

The world, planned by a spiritual hand, is not for making answers easy to find

My two halves say that speculation over the meaning of their existence is rife

The realization that the black ink, so natural in color, defines their life

As well, this same color will surely lead them to their undaunted death

Because those blinded by this ink cannot see the darkness in its breath


5 thoughts on “Bloodstained

    1. I can’t argue with you. Lol. I pulled this from a file of old stuff and just posted it. I wrote this nearly 8 or 9 years ago (when I was really wordy and playing around with language). 😀

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