Vainglorious Parley

“You coveted Paradise

Commanded my sacrifice

                                And, cast me from my pinnacle.

I whined with a jackass’ bray,

Turned my back and went astray,

                                I guess I’m an imbecile, 




7 thoughts on “Vainglorious Parley

    1. Thanks, M. Zane. Actually surprised you enjoyed that one! It has secular undertones, especially tied back into the title. The speaker’s surrender is feigned, masked in his vainglory. In other words, he is trying to weasel himself into forgiveness while still attempting to share the blame for his fall from grace.

      1. M. Zane McClellan

        Thanks fro the elaboration. I actually picked up on that. Though I consider myself a spiritual person, I am also a person and can appreciate a wide spectrum of ideas. I love all types of writing for the most part, Peace. ~ Michael

      2. I appreciate your open mind, M. Zane! I also am deeply appreciative of your respect for others and their voice in writing. It is both noble and integritous (I might have just made up that word.) 😀

      3. M. Zane McClellan

        Ha! I do it all the time. I made up “arabesqely for a poem recently. I’m finishing up Kerouac’s “On The Road”, can’t make out half of the beat dialogue. Gave ma a headache lol.
        Yeah, just so you know I really appreciate the diversity of ideas and opinions shared here. Thanks for your openness ,and for sharing your gift. Peace. ~ Michael

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