The Dawning [Working Title] – New Book

It is April 1st and time to launch forward with writing my next novel. I am currently calling it The Dawning, which may change. I just feel better when something has a name.

I have spent a few days outlining the story, taking notes, and doing research to align my thoughts with an idea that has been formulating for at least 6 years. I am very excited to finally begin working on this book. Hoping to have it finished by the end of the month.

I don’t want to give too many details, but it will be meant to be a science-fiction, dystopian YA novel. I made it through the first 1,000 words last night of the actual book. I felt like it was a nice jump start before really delving in today.

For any of you that stuck with me through January when I finished Melkorka, you know I will be a hit and miss this month on the website. I am planning to keep up with my general output of around 18,000 – 25,000 words per week (depending on schedule and coffee resources).

Enjoy your day!


8 thoughts on “The Dawning [Working Title] – New Book

      • Ah no man – surely? :/
        What we do for the art of the written word ey 😉
        Hope the wrist behaves itself. Gees, these things can can time to come right. (you need a wrist band or something) whoever said writing was not a physical task obviously never say hunched over a laptop/typewriter for long! 😉

    • It depends on the day on how I edit. Generally, I just let it flow. I usually do enough prep work and outlining that there is not much to contemplate through. I have the story laid out and I just write it. This current one has given me some stumbling blocks though. :S

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