Unraveling Alex (Part 2)–The Plague Legacy

As promised, here is the second installment of the fan fiction I had written for Acquisitions! I hope you all enjoy!! Christina Haggerty provides a link to Part 1 for any that missed it. 🙂


“Unraveling Alex” is the first piece of fan fiction written for my debut young adult dystopian fantasy series The Plague Legacy. Written by the impressively talented Joshua Robertson, this piece takes a look at the origin of some of Alex’s issues in the story and hints at some dark things in his past. If you missed Part 1, read it here.

Part 2
He did not wait for an answer that couldn’t be given. Almost immediately, Alex stormed towards the door for the lower decks.

Level 2 was dark, darker than he had remembered it. Then again, Cam had a flashlight last time that they were down here. He did not want to be here, but did not have any other choice. Taking shallow breaths to keep the stench of decay out of his mouth and nostrils, Alex took his first step into grimy water that laced…

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