Blix and the Beast

[Here is my submission for Tale Weaver’s Prompt #1 in response to a short story prompt. It was fun to put together a 500 word story about our past with a twist!]

The stained carpet on the stairs was prickly. It probably wasn’t always that way, but had likely been abused by small children’s feet and spilt milk for years. There was clearly no way to save it from its premature erosion. I felt the brown strands against my palms and fingertips as I etched my way headfirst down the incline. I had to be as quiet as a mouse or She would hear me.

“What are you doing?” Blix squealed near my ear.

I turned to face the Mini, holding myself up skillfully like a ninja. Even Spiderman would be envious of me, hanging upside down on the staircase. “I just want to see what is going on.”

“You should be napping. She told you to take an n-a-p!”

“I’m 4 years old, Blix. I know what an n-a-p is! And, adults always want kids to n-a-p. If people were meant to sleep that much then why don’t adults take an n-a-p, too?”

Blix shrugged his little shoulders. He was barely an inch tall and was as light as a feather. I barely felt him as he climbed up on my shoulder and held fast to the fabric of my shirt. “I am sure that some do.”

“Maybe, but not babysitters,” I muttered.

“A quick look and back to the bedroom then. If your mom finds out, she will be mad. And, if your dad…”

“I know!” I raised my voice and quickly caught myself, “I will.”

I adeptly ‘tip-toed’ down the stairs on my hands. My feet dragged behind me softly.

My hands touched the cold flooring of the kitchen and I smiled, looking up at Blix. The Mini just stared back at me wide-eyed and pointed towards the living room around the corner. I could hear the television.

I inched forward and peered around the corner.

She sat on her brown couch with legs crossed. She was watching Soap Operas!

“Ewww,” Blix wrinkled his nose. “Mushy television shows.”

“Yuck,” I agreed. She could have at least picked a decent cartoon, “There must not be anything else on.”

“She should go outside and play.”

“She could use the exercise,” I laughed.

Blix squealed, “She’s coming!”

Knowing she must have heard me, I scooted back quickly, looking for an escape. I did not want to get in trouble by my parents, and She always ratted me out. I couldn’t make it back up the stairs, but…I could make it to her bedroom and hide. I just had to be fast enough!

I peddled my little legs and threw myself inside the door, only to be faced by a snarling German Shepherd.

“Joshua…” Blix warned, trembling on my shoulder.

I froze.

His warning was too late. The dog, so much larger than my little body, leaped at me and snapped its jaws towards my face.

I screamed, watching Blix leap into the dog’s mouth. The sacrifice kept the animal’s large canines from slicing through my little eye. He had saved me!



19 thoughts on “Blix and the Beast

    1. I don’t know that I have an answer for what exactly Blix is. I thought it was best in this piece to leave it open to the imagination. Wouldn’t have minded him being present though when this really did happen. Still remember that dog attack pretty vividly. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Writer X! I greatly appreciate the nomination. This would be the second time that I have received the reward. I know I have another that I am still supposed to be responding too. I might have to combine them! Best to you!

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