Orpheus, The First Pederast


Charon, eyes hollow,

Behold Orpheus, flouter of men,

Derider of gods, save Apollo,

And, silencer of sirens,

and singer of sin.

Hear me,

O’ boatman, sordid,

Orpheus, again, comes to Hades fire,

An augur among the dead,

Vociferously playing music

upon his golden lyre.

I pray,

Ferryman, obolus hoarder,

Catch Eurydice for Orpheus,

For whom fled the satyr,

Embracing death while

her husband went amiss.


8 thoughts on “Orpheus, The First Pederast

      1. M. Zane McClellan

        I am reading a lot about storytelling, and I mean A LOT. It’s a fairly unanimous opinion that there are no original stories, only original ways of telling the same stories.

      2. That would definitely be my take on storytelling. I don’t know that I find many stories that have new themes or elements. But, just new ways of telling old stories. 🙂

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