Orpheus, The First Pederast


Charon, eyes hollow,

Behold Orpheus, flouter of men,

Derider of gods, save Apollo,

And, silencer of sirens,

and singer of sin.

Hear me,

Oโ€™ boatman, sordid,

Orpheus, again, comes to Hades fire,

An augur among the dead,

Vociferously playing music

upon his golden lyre.

I pray,

Ferryman, obolus hoarder,

Catch Eurydice for Orpheus,

For whom fled the satyr,

Embracing death while

her husband went amiss.


8 thoughts on “Orpheus, The First Pederast

      • I am reading a lot about storytelling, and I mean A LOT. It’s a fairly unanimous opinion that there are no original stories, only original ways of telling the same stories.

      • That would definitely be my take on storytelling. I don’t know that I find many stories that have new themes or elements. But, just new ways of telling old stories. ๐Ÿ™‚

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