Unraveling Alex (Part 1)–The Plague Legacy

Christine has been kind enough to post Part 1 of a fan fiction I wrote about a character in her wonderful book, The Plague Legacy: Acquisitions. I hope you all enjoy. Part 2 will be coming soon!


Hello folks,
I officially have my first piece of fan fiction for The Plague Legacy. I am honored to share it with you, especially since it was written by Joshua Robertson, with his own blog and also part of the VOID RPG project.

Unraveling Alex

Alex cringed, not budging from his hiding place. He watched helplessly as the hundreds of other orphans fled from the deck, escaping the storm. He could not find Cam in the crowd. It did not matter though. He was sure that Cam would come for him.

“Get below to the Level 4!” another Regulator shouted from the deck. The storm was building, waves crashing against the ship’s hull. The rain pattering against the wooden planks increased in intensity.

The warm sensation that flowed down his leg and heated his crotch was almost comforting in comparison to the cold raindrops. Alex licked his lips…

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