The Lands of Unitus

I have not had an official update for some time, but something beyond believable has occurred this week that I had to share!

I have received invitation to join the collaborative project known as The Lands of Unitus! For those of you that are unaware, there are several storytellers that are a part of this group. This includes Paul DavisLen WeatherlyCody JeffersonD. James Fortescue, and Christine Haggerty. I consider each of these individuals esteemed writers, whether upcoming or published. Some of them I know better than others, but I am looking forward to our time together as this project continues to develop!

For those of you that would like to read more than just a snippet (poem or flash fiction) of mine, then this might be a good place to read an ongoing story (unless I hear otherwise). You can find my first post in Tundris Mor HERE. Please take some time and explore the site and get lost in the many words of each of these authors (and then go check out their personal sites)!

I hope that each of you find that Unitus is a fantastical place to become delightfully lost.


15 thoughts on “The Lands of Unitus

  1. Saw the first Tundris post! Then I went a checked out the other authors. Was already following a few, but added the others. I will get lost in all of that, so I’ll check the rest out in bits and pieces later.

    Congrats again!

  2. I absolutely love world-building, and spend a great deal of time doing it. you first bit of story was engaging. I may go through and give you a bit more feedback on that site.

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