VOID RPG on Kickstarter Featuring Classless And Freeflowing Sorcery System

A beautifully written article on VOID!

Initiative : Tabletop


Launched recently on Kickstarter, VOID RPG brings a unique twist to the tabletop world. VOID RPG features a classless system, allowing players to play the character by motive, rather than being restricted by class and endless number crunching. In addition, the free flowing sorcery system allows players to make up their own spells that fit the scenario, with player’s imagination being the only limitation. Slavic, Mediterranean, and Middle-Easten mythology and folklore come together in VOID RPG, a world that has been in development for the last decade!

In VOID RPG, you will belong to one of seven races inhabiting Aenar. The mechanics in this game were streamlined so that players won’t spend long periods of time flipping through rulebooks for clarification.  The four characteristics of Strength, Agility, Mental, and Sorcery define a character, allowing players to combine any of these. These traits contribute to the two main pools of life…

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