Impiety of Love

How obsequious she behaves towards him in despair,
Suggesting that above all things for him, she does care,
Knowing in his heart there remains an elusive void of,
What she grasps not, but says can be filled by her love.

Silently, he fears that these words impale his perfection,
Perhaps, he worries the uncertainties of this new direction,
A voice says, “A paragon crumbles when emotions entwine,”
He shakes his head sadly taking these words as a divine sign.

Ever so vigilantly, his options are mulled over time and again,
Questioning if this proposed ‘love’ can be accomplished by men,
With a woman’s intuition, she lingers with an endless patience,
Praying he finds the reasoning in what she knows makes sense.

How could this bond between two people hold immeasurable impiety,
When God created that which men call ‘love’ and embed it in humanity.


11 thoughts on “Impiety of Love

    1. Absolutely. My argument would be that it is because mankind truly has no understanding of love. We pretend we do, claim we do, but only know the more feral emotions that mask themselves as love.

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