Lazy, But Not Too Lazy

I feel like I have done so much and still have so much more to do. I finished editing the rough draft of Melkorka and sent it out to see if I can get a contract with a publisher. Crossing my fingers that it is worked enough to be molded with a publisher. The story seems solid enough so, we will definitely see!

I have also worked on the VOID project quite a bit, and will likely spend the rest of the evening editing the Core Rulebook, and preparing theΒ Kickstarter page.Β 

I was lucky enough to get by the comic book store/gaming store and pick up a reprint of a first edition of Red Sonja, which is only my favorite comic book. The local stock has increased ten-fold, so I have to go through my collection and see what other editions I need to go grab!!


But, more excitedly, I got my edition of The Cage Legacy by Nicholas Conley in the mail today. I have already read a third of the book, and I am eager to finish it out. Great progression in story line, great flow of language, and a definite connection with the characters within the story. I would like to applaud Nicholas, who I will definitely be reading his works again!

Oh, and I also took a 3 hour nap. Don’t tell too many people though.


17 thoughts on “Lazy, But Not Too Lazy

  1. I have full faith that your project will take off. Congrats on Red Sonja…is that the chic from the Arnold Conan era? Not hip on the comics. And I’m tweeting the world that you took a nap. Unless that is you bribe me with coffee.

  2. Congratulations on completing Melkorka; it must be a thrill to move onto the next stage! Best of luck getting it published, definitely keep all of us updated on its progress.

    And yes, I’m truly thrilled to hear how much you much you’re enjoying The Cage Legacy!

  3. Great news about the book – massively hoping you find a good publisher for it πŸ™‚ The Cage Legacy sounds great too, might have to get it. Exciting news about Void – just a few days to go! V. Excited for you guys and really hoping you make your targets. Loads of blessings to you and yours, Bia πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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