Knowing a Stranger

Smooth curls at the end of long flowing hair
Shades of natural brown; I try not to stare
Yet, I gaze at pursed lips, so stubbornly set
In awe at the soft red hue, so moistly wet
I lift my heavy eyelids to eyes quite rare
Deep blue, treacherous – unknown to angels fair
Bangs hanging low, forming a protective net
Guarding a furrowed brow that reflects your fret
You have hidden yourself from the world too
A fraud to friends, only yourself are you true
Knowledge and beauty beyond compare nameless
But to name a stranger would lead to obsess
A passion honestly causing déjà vu
While living a riddle we accept as true
Unlike myself, you appear nearly ageless
Veiled from mankind can be advantageous
Urgently searching your soul from a distance
Wanting to know more, fighting your resistance
Without warning, your eyes lock onto my own
Franticly, I fall back with all hidden fears shown
The marvel hints at same planes of existence
Searching your visage, a change in appearance
With unseen power my soul is overthrown
You break my faith, my weakness a stepping-stone
And then my vision empties, a bland white screen
Vindictive devils make me forget the scene
In denial that such beauty is anger
A demon’s disguise, an echoing clangor
Foolishness sadly held, to not be so keen
Being simply human, the threat was unseen
Never did I quite comprehend the danger
Of contemplating the life of a stranger

6 thoughts on “Knowing a Stranger

    1. That is a couple poems of mine you have enjoyed so far! I am glad that it is a style that you can find acceptable. I kind of meddle in all sorts of types, so I won’t be offended if there are some that you do not like.

    1. Wonderful, Christine! I always find it interesting how different people take in the message of this particular piece. But yes, it is looking at trauma from the outside perspective. Not many pick up on that!

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