Hump Day Disaster – Flash Fiction

She did not wear the knee-highs, the short skirt, or the black v-cut top for him. He knew that she did not, but he liked to pretend that she did. He would spin around in his chair and daydream about her thinking about him when she chose the outfit at the store. He liked to think that she knew he was in the office on Wednesdays. He liked to think that she set it aside in her closet for Hump Day just to tease him. She was smart like that. He knew that she was. It could not just be coincidence.

Really the clothes were not suitable for her position, but she always wore the outfit anyway. It matched well with her long 80s-style haircut with the overhanging bangs. It was likely the best outfit that she owned. She could not let it go to waste just because it was unseemly. Besides, no one ever said anything. Despite that mouth-watering cleavage and the revealed skin above the knee, no one said a word. Her boss obviously didn’t care, but why would he? What man in their right mind would ever stop such a beautiful thing?

So, she continued to wear the clothes and he continued to admire. He would find reasons to talk to her even though their jobs had nothing to do with one another. He tried to build a friendship. He tried to hint towards spending time together outside of work. She never really responded to his subtle advances, but then again, she may not have picked up on it. She was likely just as shy as he was and wasn’t sure how to start something so special. He had to be more direct!

It was a sunny afternoon when he stepped into her office. She was bending over, pulling a file out of the lower drawer on the cabinet in the corner. She obviously knew that he was coming through the door and had prepared the textbook posture. He had read about these situations in sultry magazines since he was sixteen-years-old.

He did exactly as he was expected to do. He ogled.

The words that came out of his mouth sounded flawless in his head. He had thought it was the perfect thing to say, “We should have sex.”

That is where the lawsuit began.


13 thoughts on “Hump Day Disaster – Flash Fiction

    • I try to throw a message or a hint of meaning into most of my writings, thinking that people might think upon it and ponder over our actions as human beings. Though, I think we often lose sight of such things. For myself, writing is most exciting when it tugs at the vulnerabilities that make us human. I think that is what defines literature, but its just speculation.

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