Is That a Bulge in Your Wrist?

My updates may be a little far and between this month, but do not fret, I am still here. I have been writing my book like a madman this week, accomplishing 20,000 words in the past 7 days! I have some swelling and pain in my wrist, and even had to go to the doctor to get medication to treat it. Beyond the prescribed medication, I have had to stay with the tylenol so I cannot feel the throbbing from elbow to fingers.

I have been attempting to take it easy with blogging, but it doesn’t help when I am writing so frequently on the novel. I’m easily nailing 2,000 – 4,000 words a day and will probably hit a 5,000 mark before I go to bed this evening.

I have also been swallowing coffee like oxygen to keep awake so I can get the ideas out of my head before crashing. I know that none of this sounds healthy, but every writer knows when motivation hits and when it flees. I am taking full advantage of this crazy, overwhelming burst of creativity!! [Two exclamation marks for the caffeine flowing in my veins.]

Honestly, I do not plan on slowing down anytime soon. Never has been a book so clearly mapped in my head from beginning to finish. For those of you that are unaware, this is actually the prequel to the sequel that I already have completed. I just haven’t released it yet because I had to create the beginning of the story. Why I approached this like a Star Wars movie is beyond me, but it that is how the chips fell.

All and all, it is likely that I will have the rough draft completely finished by the end of the month. [That is the goal!] In any spare time I find, I am going to look at possible publishers to send the draft to. I still plan to self-publish the children’s book this year – at least, for now. But, for the fantasy novel, I will look for representation first.


20 thoughts on “Is That a Bulge in Your Wrist?

  1. Aw, you have my sympathy! You’re right though, when the Awen is flowing you can’t ignore it – I don’t think I slept for 12 months writing All Is Lost but when you’re done there’s that enormous satisfaction. Do take care with the arm thing though – is it RSI? A Dictaphone and some Dragon softwear might help?

    • Some type of tendenitus or something, if I recall. Just from overuse from what the doctor said. They said to just take a couple of weeks off from video games and computers. I don’t think the doctor understands! Haha

  2. Congratulations; but I definitely echo an earlier commenter that said to try to get healthy, sir! Unless the wrist condition was already creeping? Either way, you are an inspiration and good luck!

    • I will definitely do as best I can to take care of it. I believe it was an onset from the increase in typing. – need to master the voice to text stuff with Word, but I generally spend more time trying to get the thing to understand me than what it is worth.

  3. When the Muse visits, it’s such a delight….however, if you’ve got wrist problems from doing overtime on the computer, you can’t afford to ignore it…any creative solutions in sight?
    Thank you so much for the follow.

    • I do work and I am far from wealthy! Haha! I have a professional career that I work at between 45 and 55 hours a week (use to be more). I simply do not sleep very much – about 4 to 5 hours a night. You can learn about my real job on my About page if you are really interested. Thanks for stopping by, Emilio!

      • Yeah, I should have read your about page before posting my comment. I guess for me to accomplish anything I have to learn to sleep a lot less. Or become very wealthy. I’ll go read your About page now. Thanks.

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