First Steps in 2014

The new year is here and for once I am actually looking forward to new beginnings. I have never been one for New Year’s Resolutions or the like. My philosophy has always been that you should change when you decide that you need to and not wait for a magical date. With that being said, I feel that I have made a lot of growth in 2013 in pursuing my goals and enhancing myself as a person. 2014 is not necessarily a time for resolutions for me, but it is a time to continue to grow in ways where I have already begun. It is the test to what I have set out to do as a human being, as a writer, and as a game developer.

I have not given as much attention to WordPress as I would generally. I had about a week off from my real world career for the holiday, and I attempted to take full advantage of the free time to get an early start on my goals. With VOID, I was able to revise/edit a couple chapters, help develop a better mechanic system, make a better stat chart for the monsters, and update several pages of the website. There are some major events occuring with VOID in the next week and we are beginning to release information before hitting the Kickstarter date of March 01, 2014! I was also able to write over 10,000 words on my fantasy novel this past week. I am hoping to accomplish another 10,000 by Sunday if I can withstand the drain on my mind and body to accomplish the feat.

Other steps in 2014 will be releasing my first children’s book this year. The illustrator has blown my mind with her work, and I am excited to begin pursuing publication. IF anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly like to hear it as this will be my first book to publish.

Please tell me what you are going to be doing this year! I look forward to catching up with blogs this week, so do not be a stranger.


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