Blog of the Year 2013!

Blog of the Year Award 5 star jpeg

I was absolutely blown away last night as I was working on my novel at 3:00 AM when I received a reward from Bia for Blog of the Year 2013! I would have never thought that starting RobertsonWrites this year would have resulted in a reward of such esteem. This is an absolute honor to be recognized for my writings and insights. If anything, it definitely gives the motivation to push myself all the harder in 2014 to meet the expectations of the growing fanbase and followers on WordPress!

Bia has a website that check everytime I log onto WordPress that is full of excellent stories. I stand in awe at every post and look forward to maintaining an active following in this next year and the years to come! I am exceptionally excited about the upcoming projects for this gifted writer.

I would like to congratulate the others that were recognized for having excellent blogs this year and that have received rewards that mark their efforts in expressing themselves and pursuing their dreams! Have an excellent last day of 2013!!


8 thoughts on “Blog of the Year 2013!

  1. What a lovely ‘thankyou’ 🙂 You really deserve this award and I’m so glad it’s encouraged you to ‘keep at it’ – you’re writing is really great and I look forward to reading more in 2014. All the best, Bia 🙂

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