An Obdurate Heart


A cold heart pumps icy blood through each vein,
No compassion, no hate, nor intimate emotion,
Just a vessel passing through life; and so, I feign,
Giving friends and enemies alike a false impression,
I am not worried about the world and its decadence,
Never nervous of a love leaving me in my misery,
Nor heeded by solitary death due to love’s absence,
Yet, my spirit is disgruntled with my known knavery.

Nightly, I am awakened by dreams wishing to haunt,
Eyes stained red, dried in refusal of shedding a tear,
I snicker at the demons whose hearts yearn to flaunt,
Daring foul creatures to take what I ought to think dear.
Could any person hold me close knowing my disgrace,
Nay, perfect love despite all things is kept to stories unreal,
In forged fantasies I recommended you to remain and retrace,
Perchance, in death, I will relive my unloved life, but feel.


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