Last Words – Flash Fiction

The pistol firmly pressed against my back, edging me towards the alleyway between the two narrow buildings. I had never thought that getting a breath of fresh air was going to end with a bullet through my spine. It was just my luck!

“Move it, lard ass,” said the stranger.

I decided that it was best not to retaliate against the insult and did as I was told. My thighs were nearly twice as large as my spindly arms, and I was embarrassed to admit that I generally could not see them over my drooping stomach and man breasts. I did not even want to acknowledge the actual size of my rear that the stranger was referencing.

My shoulders brushed the edge of the brick wall on either side, making this one of the smallest alleyways I had ever been down. This was baffling, considering that this small corridor was right behind my apartment building. In all honesty, I think I had been afraid that I would not be able to get out of this alley once walking down it. Lord knew that if I made it out alive, I would not be able to go back the way that I had come without back-peddling.

“We don’t have all night, fat boy,” the stranger pushed me forward, “Just a little further away from the street.”

I felt tears begin to swell up in my eyes. I swallowed hard to keep myself from crying. All I needed was insult upon insult from this criminal behind me. It was not like I was unfamiliar to the glorified treatment. I had been bullied my entire life! The kids in school, neighbors, and even my own father had partaken in letting me know my place in the world. It made complete sense that I leave this world this way. God always had a sick humor.

“Alright, this is far enough. Where is your wallet?”

“It’s…it’s in my back pocket.”

The stranger’s hand slid along my jeans and reached into my right pocket to pull loose the leather binding of my wallet. Only a few seconds passed before the gun was moved from my back to the flesh on my neck.

“Hey, fucker! Where’s the cash?”

I wanted to point out that the majority of people did not carry cash on them anymore. This was a world of credit cards and debit cards and smartphones that accessed bank accounts. Any criminal with any brain couldn’t expect to drag a random person of the streets and find a fortune in their pocket.

“I don’t have any money,” I lie.

“I’m sure if I follow you for another hour, you will be spending money and eating something somewhere!”

“You are right,” I mutter helplessly.

“Damn straight I am!”

I figure if I am going to die, I might as well do it with a bang, “Between your mom’s legs…”

The gun collides with the back of my head and I collapse to my knees. My vision becomes blurry as I try to maintain focus. The criminal begins to shout obscenities that I can barely make out. The gun connects with my skull again and I collapse to the pavement.

A ringing sounds in my ears, like a constant wailing of noise. My head spins with colors and I am sure that I am dead. I could be floating. I could have wings. I am really sure that I don’t care one way or another. It has always been difficult finding motivation to live in this miserable life anyway.

“Are you okay, sir?” a voice says.

I open my eyes to see an older police officer standing over me in the alleyway. My attacker is in handcuffs, and flashing lights of police cares sit on either side of the alley. Someone had called the cops. Someone had saved me. I was not sure if I was thankful or not.

“Yeah,” I sigh, “As okay as I’ll ever be.”

God must’ve decided that he wasn’t done torturing me yet. Then again, it was likely that He just didn’t like my last words.


13 thoughts on “Last Words – Flash Fiction

  1. This is the type of noir fiction I like. You fiction has the smart-ass hard boiled genre found in Raymond Chandler and Dashilell Hammett’s novels. The kind I’d love to be able to pull off.

    Thanks for following my blog which allowed me to know that you exist.

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