Feeling The Love: The Sunshine Award Nomination

My first WordPress nomination was received from Deky . This is very exciting to receive this from a group that does reviews, poetry, and presents excellent writings! Hopefully, I do this correctly in responding to a nomination.


Here are the rules of the award:

1) Use the logo above in the post.
2) Link to whoever nominated you.
3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”
5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

Here we go, folks!

The Top Ten List:

1. I love reading science fiction and fantasy novels, but rarely have the time to do so anymore. I am hoping to delve into indie fantasy authors hardcore this next year. If you are published, let me know so I can put your novel on my list!

2. Writing has always been my passion. I want to write for a living and enjoy the piece and quiet.

3. I have changed my ideology in life and currently look at living a hedonistic lifestyle, where I make decisions based around the happiness of myself and those closest to me.

4. Tabletop games have been a part of my life for nearly twenty years. I love storytelling and fantasy play that is intertwined with moral dilemmas that keep the player reflecting on their own life long after.

5. I am a strong introvert. It is my hope to retire to a desolate place along a beach somewhere. I have my eye on the Shetland Islands.

6. I have Scottish and Moravian heritage that I am very proud of. I help research the history of my family tree.

7. I would like to be sent out into the ocean on a pile of wood and shot with a burning arrow instead of being buried in a coffin after death.

8. Most of the things on my bucket list, I do not think I will ever have the means to complete, which saddens me.

9. I dream nightly and remember nearly every dream, which sometimes makes me question reality. But, not in a crazy, lunatic type of way.

10. The saddest part of my adult life has been the conclusion that I will not live to see a zombie apocalypse, and I may forever have to live in a modernized world and be an adult.

My nominees are very difficult to choose because I do not want to repeat those that have already received this award! With that in mind, here they are –

1. Mariah Although she has been MIA for a couple months, Mariah was the first to encourage me to continue this blog. Her posts are always witty and enjoyable through and through.

2. Inkposts has so much great information that you can become lost in their site for hours.

3. Chatty Owl has some of the best poetry on WordPress. No matter what she writes, I am always captivated and touched. It is as though she can see directly into my heart.

4. Sleeping Elephant presents excellent writings, frequently in prose. I love her work and her face!

5. Gaming Guy has quickly become my #1 resource for tabletop games and kickstarter games. I have yet to find such an awesome site that has this type of information available. Hoping to get my VOID game up on this website soon!

6. Epic Heroes has become a new favorite that I quickly look for whenever I am on WordPress. The new Epic Times cartoons are a blast!

7. A Shade of Pen has great poetry. It would be a complete injustice not to include this site in nominations. Go check it out, Like it and Share it!

8. Sheri de Grom has shared some very kind words with me since I came to WordPress and it would be cruel not to nominate her. She has a kind heart that is very open on her blog!

9. Where Words Daily Come Alive is not just another poetry website, but one that quickly sinks into your soul. There has just been something about the message behind poems that has spoken to me lately.

10. C.S. Janey has a new blog as an adult romance author. Her blog has great information to help other romance novelists get a jump start on their writing career. Plus, her writings are excellent!

Thank you for the nomination, Deky! I hope everyone enjoys their nomination, and if I did not mention you – I apologize. It is too difficult to choose just 10!


22 thoughts on “Feeling The Love: The Sunshine Award Nomination

  1. First of all, im flattered to be mentioned as being inspirational. Honestly, it makes me smile and im all smitten. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have received a few awards lately, so i will try my best to get to do it.
    It was nice to read your answers… Some things are surprising (in a good way) and these awards are always the good ways to find out more about someone on this blogosphere.
    You’re adorable. Thank you once again for nominating me.

  2. I want to congratulate you for being recognized for that award! Congratulations, you are talented and gifted. Many people write and share, but how many really move hearts and minds! You are blessed indeed my friend. Congratulations to all the other nominees also, some I know and some I will get to know. My experience is as we all come to know each other our world family gets larger. Thanks for the nod, it is a nice blessing to receive this morning, I will do a blog shortly thanking you and congratulating the others! God bless!

    1. Thank you so much, Wendell! I appreciate your support and enjoying my writing. I never perceived myself as being that talented, but I do enjoy writing! I am looking forward to your post and learning more about you!

  3. I know that’s a breech of award laws, but I have been nominated for so many awards lately, it would drain me to do them all on my blog, so I hope you wont mind, if I’ll share my 10 facts over here….
    It’s all about bonding and creating friendships, right? That’s the important thing 🙂

    My top 10…

    1. I absolutely adore foreign languages. I can listen to foreign tongue, even if I dont understand. Its just something very alluring about it.

    2. I like reading the same books over and over again. My favourites are Pride and Prejudice and Master and Margarita.

    3. I adore the smell of freshly cut grass.

    4. I daydream a lot during the day. I often catch myself being “head in the clouds” and all dreamy and hazy. Best thing to be…

    5. I have zero tolerance for stupidity and prejudiced assumptions.

    6. I dont like eating sweets. Id rather have a chunk of cheese for my pudding!

    7. I have an owl tattoo on my left wrist.

    8. I always wanted to learn to play some kind of instrument. Never happened.

    9. I dont like milky coffee.

    10. I used to have blue blue eyes. Then one day they turned witchy green.

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination! It’s the first we’ve received on inkposts and we’re glad to getting such a great response from readers, including yourself. This means a lot to us. Also apologies for our late comment, such a wonderful gift deserves a more prompt reply.

    Again, thank you for the nomination, it will help motivate us and ensure we keep coming with the good stuff.

  5. Hi there! I thank you all to pieces for the nomination and the rather sweet compliment. It was lovely to wake up to! I will reciprocate once I am reunited with my PC. I am currently a slave to my phone and tablet and just deleted #15 by mistake!!!! I blame my non techieness and the fact that I was far into a night out than I should have been.

  6. May I follow in Chatty’s footsteps and include my Top 10 here before I release the Kraken and destroy another blog entry on my site? hehe….

    Top 10–
    1. I can tie a maraschino cherry stem with my tongue. Fun at parties!
    2. I once had to kill a rattlesnake. No way out of it. I do not condone senseless killing so I skinned it, chicken-fried-it with herbs and spices and it was lunch. The skin went to my then-cowboy-boyfriend who wore it on his Stetson.
    3. I hate to make decisions at restaurants. I usually pick three things I wouldn’t mind having and then make the waiter or waitress surprise me with their choice. If I REALLY cannot decided, I just tell them to surprise me and eat whatever they bring out. I am never disappointed.
    4. I would rather stay home and read or do some writing than go out.
    5. I’ve fallen in love with a fictional character more times than I care to admit.
    6. I still game every week. Now that my kids are older, I plan to do it more. Currently playing Pathfinder as a Barbarian Sea Reaver. It’s mint.
    7. As far as drinks are concerned, I like tequila, port, absinthe and rioja. But I drink a lot of water and I really enjoy a quality black coffee.
    8. I love it when men read to me. It doesn’t happen much…but when it does…WOW Flash!!!
    9. I wish more people would comment on my page and keep in touch with me. I love to hear from my readers.
    10. Even though people think I am jaded, I am still a romantic.

      1. Ah now THAT is a trick question! I really don’t have a type. I do rather fall for intelligent conversation. I like funny, geeks with cheeky grins and kind eyes. I like strong guys with gentle souls. A bit rebellious but a bit super hero. Sweet to me. Not moody. Not angry. Not “misunderstood”. Usually they are the wingmen. Goose as opposed to Maverick.

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