Using My Time Wisely

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday morning. I realize that I have not given any updates to my activity since October 9 [I think], and have focused on making other posts. The past month has been productive, and I have to say that I am excited about the progress. I think I always look back on how I have spent my minutes, hours, and days and hope that I would have done more – but things have been progressing.

I am happy to announce that I have hired an illustrator, Janel Heckman (Anthony), who is now working diligantly on the images for my transitional children’s book, Bo Bunny and the Trouble. Janel has presented some amazing first concepts for the book, and of course, I am thrilled to make this book available to children and other readers. I am hoping to self publish this at the beginning of next year! It will be a short chapter book for school-aged children that my own 10-year-old daughter reads. She has actually been my best critic!

I have not been working as diligently on my fantasy novels at this time, because there has been so much focus on the VOID project. We are over 100 pages completed on the player’s manual, and have initial art on the website. The Kickstarter should be released around the beginning of the year. I will be spending the majority of the day working on completing key areas of the manual before testplaying in two weeks.

I have also started outlining another book concept (thriller) and a short story (science-fiction) that I hope to work on periodically. Honestly, my passion is in finishing up the fantasy books, but I might complete the short story first to send for publication in some magazines. I have not really decided yet! As always, I feel like I am balancing several different projects at once, and I keep telling myself to finish one thing at a time or I will never finish anything at all. I am very impressed at how some people push out content so smoothly and seemingly so focused. I sure hope I am using my time wisely!


7 thoughts on “Using My Time Wisely

  1. I think with writing it’s always good to have lots of projects on the go, that way if you get a temporary block on project you can give it a rest and still have the knowledge that you are being productive in other areas – giving characters and plots a little break can sometimes revive them (or revive our perception of them). Glad it’s all going well for you. Blessings, Bia 🙂

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