The Interview – Part 3

The doctor paused and looked into the unhinged eyes of the prisoner. It was always questionable how such disturbing memories resonated into the biologically created humans. They were simple clones of single cells that had been preserved – used and reused over thousands of years. By now, the bad apples of the bunch should have been long disposed. Such violence and perverted musings had long been absent in human civilization. This was, in fact, an engineered utopia.

The doctor did not bring the chair back to the table. But, the doctor did settle back into the seat. “How could love cause you to be so rash? Love is blameless, pleasant, and delightful. Love is a simple connection between to cohorts. How could such evil come from something as great as love?”

“She was mine,” the prisoner whispered.

“Yours?” the doctor raised an eyebrow, digging deeper into the morality of the emotion, “Love is not possessive. Love is not wanting.”

“Have you ever wanted something so badly and never received it? Have you never craved something that was out of reach? Anything can be wanted if it cannot be had.”

“But everything can be had here.”

“You can guarantee love?”

The doctor was struck by the significance of the question. It was difficult to guarantee that anyone could experience something. Psychology suggested that many people withheld their greatest desires from themselves, even when it was all that they sought. The doctor peered at the prisoner, answering the question with a question. “How would you know if you had love?”

The prisoner looked at the doctor hesitantly.

The doctor stood from the chair and asked a second question, “How would you know it was not lust? Infatuation? Fabrication? A figment of your imagination creating a reality that you so desperately want?”

The prisoner’s eyes widened, attempting perceive the meaning in the doctor’s words. It was difficult to discern what was meant when the doctor’s voice was infinitely flat and unfeeling.

“I – “

“You have already hesitated. Best luck in your next life.”

The prisoner screamed as the doctor walked out the door. In a matter of hours the prisoner would be incinerated and recreated.

The doctor would complete his report and send it to the commander. The report would indicate that the interview revealed that prisoner, from pod 13694, suffered from excessive emotion derived from primitive recollections that were captured in the cell memory. The cell batch would be terminated.


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