The Interview – Part 2

The prisoner placed both of his palms upon the wood of the table, and stared directly into the doctor’s eyes waiting for the first question. The starship hummed as it floated through space idly. The hum of the large ship was constant, nearly forgettable. But in this moment, when it was just him and the doctor, he could hear it.

“What is your name?” the doctor began.

“Merrius Blok.”

“Where are you from?”

“The VAT, pod 13694.”

“I mean, where does your memory tell you that you are from?”

The prisoner licked his lips. The doctor was testing the memories that had been placed in his genetically engineered body. Of course, that was the source of his perceived sickness. Experience was always what caused sickness. “Greeley, Colorado on Earth.”

“Did you finish school?”

“No. I went into the military.”

“Did you fight in a war?”


“Have you ever killed a man?”

“No, not a man,” the prisoner’s face was calm. He maintained eye contact with the doctor, never blinking.

“Have you ever taken something that has not belonged to – “


The doctor was surprised at the rapid speed that the prisoner answered the question. The doctor nearly hesitated, “Have you ever had sex?”


“With who?”

The prisoner’s eyes began to tear – possibly from strain, possibly from the memory, “My cousin.”

“Was it consensual?”


“What happened?”

“I forced her. I … killed her.”


“With a metal hanger. Strangled her. Threw her body off of a canyon cliff.”

“Why did you do this?” the doctor did not move. He kept his poise as best as he was able. It was noticed that the prisoner’s hands started to tremble uncontrollably. How these memories had been placed in the mind of incubated embryo.

“I loved her.”

The prisoner weeped.

“Then why – “

“No one else could have her, doctor!”

The doctor scooted the chair back as indication of leaving. The prisoner was losing control.

“Sit down, doctor! I have not yet hesitated…”


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