A Random Picture

[I happened to come across about 150 poems that I had completed in a file today. This particular poem was written 7 years ago. If enjoyed, I can post some others from time to time.]

A Random Picture

A picture laid before me today that I had not seen before,
It was random in the scheme of things, something to adore,
Sympathy for hidden things in this world, I keep my eye upon,
It is these things holding great beauty that society tends to shun.

The image was of a girl, a saddened looked captured in her eye,
Holding a wilted flower that held a promise to decay and die,
A strand of hair fell down her face and touched the decorated stem,
Around her neck hung a cross and chain offering up her life to Him.

To think that a simple entity embraced in beauty all its lovely life,
Can be pressured by the same death that dampens each man and wife,
Pulling and tearing the world apart, shredding it limb from limb,
Lessening the hope in this world, causing love to look quite grim.

This photograph within my lap might not have landed there by chance,
Perhaps, my purpose had been to rightfully give it a second glance,
To look at it only one time is to merely see a girl with a partial flower,
But the beauty of the message within the picture is truly not so dour.

When all there is to glimpse in life is great death and great pain,
We shall not forget that “Love comforteth like sunshine after rain”.


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