I Heard Her Name

[Based on a dream that I had last night. It was very powerful when I woke up this morning, but as with all dreams…they soon fade away.]

What my life was before I stepped awkwardly into the music hall is a blur. I knew that auditions were taking place and I knew that I did not belong here. Yet, I still strolled to the back of the auditorium and settled in to listen to the performers. I pondered over how I had come there or what had caused me to wander away from my regular life in the first place. I could not remember what my life was, but I was certain that this was not it. I could not possibly want to listen to these singers! In fact, I never liked music much. That is, until I heard her voice.
I was paralyzed as her voice met microphone. I try to hear it now, but it was so spectacular that I cannot imagine how it sounded. She was so beautiful that I cannot imagine what she looked like. Though, if I were to see her again, I would know.

I sat there for what may have been eternity, hearing what my soul longed to hear. I could have sworn that our eyes locked. Fate knocked.

And then, I found the strength to walk away. It was later I realized that I never got her name.

I returned the next day hoping to hear her voice again. I took my seat and waited, listening to every agonizing song from sunup to sunset. I knew that if I only spoke to her my life would be complete. My life would be filled with harmony and bliss and everything wonderful. The girl without a name never showed.

Not losing hope, I awoke the next morning and hurried towards the auditorium. On the way there, I noticed festivities taking place nearby. I glanced as I moved past the park and immediately caught sight of her. Her eyes met mine. Fate knocked.

We moved towards each other as though I were in a dream. The world around me faded and there was only her. This is what love was supposed to feel like. This was happiness. I noticed she was wearing a beautiful dress with flowers in her hair. She was so beautiful that my words could not describe what my eyes perceived.

When we stepped in front of one another, she spoke words to me. I could not tell you what they were, nor could I say what I said in return. But she laughed, and I smiled. And then, I asked her name.

She told me her name, and it was a perfect name. It was a name I could worship in the morning and whisper late at night. It was the only name I wished to say for the rest of my life. I wanted it to be the name I said with my last breath. It was the PERFECT name.

Then he approached us.

He walked up to us in the way men do, eyeing me up and down. His eyes were interrogative, possessive, and protective. I could not blame him as he crowded our space, causing me take a step back. He put his arm around the girl with the perfect name. There was nothing I could say as they walked away.

My heart sunk. My spirit wept. And now, I cannot remember her name. [But, if I heard it again…I would know.]


11 thoughts on “I Heard Her Name

  1. Ajaytao2010

    Nice reading about you Roberts

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

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