Gaming Project and Children’s Book

This past couple of weeks has had its ups and downs, but I am more determined than ever to move forward to hopefully accomplish what I set out to do over a decade ago. Eventually, I will put my words to paper and be a published author. I cannot keep fantasizing about what could be and just let it “be” already. The only thing holding me back is myself. It has taken some painful life lessons to teach me that, and unfortunately, I’ve had to have it proven to me time and again. I should have learned the first time. Alas, I am but human.

In the past 48 hours, I the progress towards my VOID project has taken huge strides in its development. I have talked about this project a couple of times on this blog, and I would definitely encourage folks to check it out. If anything, just like the Facebook page. Any support towards that project is greatly appreciated. We are spending countless hours a week building, discussing, revamping, and so forth to make the unique tabletop gaming system a reality. A childhood dream, if you will. Our illustrator on this project Joanna Barnum is doing a fantastic job in helping us capture the beauty of our dark fantasy world! The concept art will be coming eventually along with the announcement of the launch of the game on Kickstarter for funding.

I have also talked to a new illustrator for my children’s books in the past 48 hours, and this very talented illustrator is working on the initial designs for the books. I will release more information about this after we complete the contract on the books. I am still looking at self-publishing venues to release the children’s book. If I even sell 25 of these books (to family and friends), I would be absolutely delighted. But, as I move forward and realize how much more needs to be done – it seems overwhelming. I have a lot of different obligations and responsibilities right now, but I will succeed!

Stay tuned.


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