There Are No Words

I truly cannot think of a title for this post to express my excitement. This has been a very productive week in all areas. If you have been following my other blog, you surely noticed that we have have finalized agreements with our illustrator. Please check out the blog entry to read about that development here.

On another note, I am currently working out agreements with another illustrator for my children’s books. I will likely be looking into self-publication with these books of mine. The first one will be a transition novel for kids from 6 to 9. The other 12 will be a series for younger children, under the age of 5. Never have I been so excited, and it makes me wonder what I have spent the last decade doing!

Please stick with me through the ups and downs. If I have not gotten to your blog, it is likely because I have been logged into my other account for this blog.

Just keep bothering me, because I want to keep up on the progress that all my followers are making as well.


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