A Sense of Community

I have definitely enjoyed the feeling of being back in the blogging world in the past several weeks. It is nice to be part of a community of writers and aspiring authors that have such passion for the work that they do. This helps me stay focused on my on goals, and truly makes me a better writer.

I had a great conversation over the weekend over the life lessons that I have learned over the past decade as an adult. One of those lessons as presented to me that I am a better writer now because what I have learned, which is in direct correlation to who I have known. It is the sense of belonging to others that helps us improve ourselves and push ourselves to new heights of success. For that reason, I look forward to the new connections that I make through the blogging world and WordPress. I can only hope that my influence causes my followers to become better people, and that they have an equal impact on my own life.

It is amazing that through the years, we sometimes forget that we are, in fact, social creatures. For writers, this is important to take note of, because in every book we write there is a key element. Relationships. These relationships in our book need to be realistic and natural in their progression, or no one would be interested in reading the book. We cannot know how relationships function unless we are apart of that function in our normal lives. So, make sure that you take a break from your computer momentarily – and not just for another sip on the whiskey bottle – but to build on a relationship in your life. You never know what joy it may bring (and if it doesn’t bring joy, consider it research for your next best-selling novel!)


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