Apologies Galore

I have definitely not been keeping up with my blog as well as I should. Do not fret! I am not ending the blog. I am just not setting time aside for my writing like I should be doing. I did not even get a chance to sit down and work on my short story. Did not even see my computer in a week.

I worked at my regular job during the week as usual, and continued to build upon my second job during the week. I am still looking for additional team members all over the world for my second career. It is growing extremely quick and will soon be a substantial piece of income (hopefully) that will allow me to focus more on my writing and other projects. However, at this time, I am probably working 70 to 80 hours a week between these two jobs.

Most exciting update, which I do not believe I have shared on here yet, is that I made exceptional progress on a ‘dark fantasy tabletop rpg’ that I am co-creating with my brother. We have been working on the mechanics for about six months, and are currently working on writing the core rulebook for the game. We are still actively seeking illustrators, and then will start building our kickstarter page. I am creating a blog that will have updates of progress on that project at voidrpg.wordpress.com. Feel free to follow that as well and keep us encouraged! We are hoping to revolutionize tabletop role-playing games with this development. More on that later – on the other blog!

I will be continuing to write my fantasy novels, however. I do believe I found an illustrator for my completed children’s novel. I actually have 13 books completed all together for my children’s books. Let us hope that they get off the ground.

I appreciate those followers that keep checking in with me. I will be reading through your blog posts I’ve missed this past couple of weeks.


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