Pushing Upward and Onward

Well, the new business venture is moving forward better than I anticipated. I am still looking for new team members around the country that either like to travel or would like a little extra cash. As always, I can give more details if you want to e-mail me at robertsonjoshua32@gmail.com. I rather not use this as a platform to promote that, but I am excited because in the end it may very well be the venture that will allow me to do the two things I love: spend more time with family and write.

With that being said, I have sadly not had anytime to continue to write on my book. I have definitely been writing in my head and continuing the storyline for when I have time to expand on the story. I know my mind is pushing me to get back to writing and not to drift for too long. Last night, I had an amazing dream for a short story. I might write it up this weekend and post it as a blog. Yes, I think I will commit myself to accomplishing that. I really enjoyed the characters and dialogue in the story. And no, I was not in the dream. I don’t always dream about myself. In fact, I frequently just watch other people in my dream.

I hope everyone is doing well!


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