The Story Stucture

I have returned home from working several days this week at a Kids Camp for foster kids. It was both rewarding and exhausting. Regardless, I am glad to be back home and return to the world of writing.

In the past month, I came across a website that has helped me focus on my writing structure. This article essentially talks about the four different types of story structures: milieu, idea, character, and event.

I found that in the past, I was trying to incorporate several different types of story structures into one story, and it was bogging down my writing terribly. It was like trying to shove an elephant into a peanut butter jar. No matter how hard I pushed, it just was not going to happen.

I have come to realize that I am really a writer that writes stories that circulate around events. I do include some elements of ideas, character and milieu – but they have been too intrusive in my story in the past and has jumbled up my progress with the plot. My stories are generally in third person. I do have a viewpoint character that my story is told through.

I generally start with a small portion of the world and then slowly expand the world for the reader. I have to continuously watch this with my writing. I get so excited about my world that I want to tell the reader everything at once, but this is not necessary. In fact, I have found that giving away so much information is generally defeating to engaging readers.

What type of writer are you?


2 thoughts on “The Story Stucture

  1. I tend to lean more towards the event structure as well. Before I read the article, I would’ve said that I write more character driven stories but I’ve realized my story is certainly centered around an event. Very interesting article!

  2. I really thought the same thing before I read article! Afterwards, I was able to really refocus how I was forming my style to focus on the event instead of focusing on the character in the story. I have found that the character becomes more natural that way, and the connection with the reader is more natural. Sounds silly, but I don’t think there was enough room in my book to focus on the character and the event equally – It helped me rebalance how I was delivering the message I was trying to present within the novel.

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