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I thought that since I have started this blog, I really haven’t given any prelude to the novel that I am writing. So, I figured I would give you a quick “back-cover” blurb about the book. Granted, this is a rough draft that I quickly have thrown together, but I would be interested to know if it sparks your interest. The title of the book is Melkorka, in reference to an ancient castle. More will be learned about Melkorka and its history in the book. Anyway, here is a few sentences to give you an idea of the plot.

Kinhar had the copper weapon, kaelandur, crafted to take the head of Nadezhda the Eretik. It was a befitting death for those that defiled righteousness. Yet, when the sharpened blade sliced through Nadezhda’s pale neck, Kinhar never expected that the wicked sorceress would return three days later for vengeance. With legions of demons at her back, it is obvious that there are darker undertones to Nadezhda’s schemes than simple revenge. Pressed for time, Kinhar must balance mortality against morality in order to discover his ultimate fate and reclaim Melkorka.

I have a very busy day tomorrow, but will try to put something up on the blog tomorrow night. It is likely that I will have to go a couple of days without working on Melkorka. I am hoping to find some people to complete some concept art for the book. I have had a couple that have read the rough drafts of what will be the second and third book in this series that have suggested that they could complete some drawings.

Tonight, I am eating cake.


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