That One Word

In a matter of a couple days, I have written nearly 8000 words in my book. My mind was definitely in the right place yesterday as I finished up one of my chapters and called it a night. It was still running rampant when I laid down to go to bed, and I decided that I needed to rework the end of the chapter to add just a bit more flavor.

So, I woke up this morning and rewrote the last two pages. I felt fairly satisfied with it, and went to start on the next chapter. Got in a couple sentences, and then could not think of the word that I wanted to use in one instance. And…

Boom! My mind completely has been on vacation for the rest of the day. My computer suddenly looks like a foreign object, just because of one little hang up. I hate it when you are on a roll and something so simple can throw you off track. Epically frustrating. I figure I will give this a couple hours to let my mind rest and then go back to drawing board. I am bound and determined to keep my momentum.

On the bright side, I made an awesome meal of Parmesan Rice in a Bell Pepper with Buttered Carrots and Potatoes. Tasted like glorious perfection. I ate it with a fork.


2 thoughts on “That One Word

  1. I hope your mind comes back from vacation quickly! Your mind sounds just as fickle as mine, easily spooked by one hiccup.

    And that meal sounds delicious. I wish they’d hurry up and invent a way to share food over the internet.

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