Tell Me How You Edit

I sat down at the computer last night to start re-editing my epic fantasy novel. This particular story of mine was the first story that I ever finished, nearly thirteen years ago. It is easy to say that my writing style has drastically changed in that time period. However, I have always liked the story and felt that it was something that I would like to introduce to the world – after being thoroughly edited, of course.

I find that when I sit down and read through old materials, my mind starts to follow the pattern of “how I use to write” instead of “how I should write”, and it becomes increasingly frustrating. If I try to edit paragraph by paragraph, I make very little progress. However, if I read through an entire chapter and capture the message and the emotions, and then rewrite the chapter – I find that I make a great deal of progress.

I probably do not have the best editing skills. It is quite likely that my tactics are tedious and time-consuming, and that is the primary reason that I have not published or self-published any of my works yet. I am curious as to how others edit their stories.


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