Fork in the Road

After reading my last post and the title of this post, I hope that you do not feel that I have an unhealthy attachment to forks. I really do not! I do admit that I would choose a fork, however, instead of a spoon 99.8% of the time. This really seems like a no brainer, but I digress.

I have completed my transition children’s story. I have completed 12 other children’s books. I have completed a couple epic fantasy novels (over 100,000 words each), which I continue to re-write due to my own criticism. To my embarrassment, I have even scrapped one of these novels three other times after completion, just to re-write the entire thing with a different twist or with different characters. And, I have just recently (in the past week) begun to start sending the transition children’s story to agents and publishers. The rest of my completed works have stay within reach and hidden from the eyes of others.

While barely giving the conventional route of publishing a chance, I have already given thought to self-publishing and I cannot rightly decide what direction to go. We have each heard the horror stories of self-publishing, but there has been evidence that the negative stigma is unwarranted. I suddenly find myself eager to share my stories with others, and receive honest feedback regarding their worth. I am curious as to what others have experienced, and what they have chosen in regards to publishing. What has been the most rewarding for you? Or, how do you plan to publish your own writings, and why?

On another note, I will try to blog at least once a day for the next couple of weeks. I hope that my few interested readers hold me accountable.


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