Dance With Me

Writing your first blog post on any given blog is much like writing your first story. It is going to leave you feeling accomplished, it is not going to capture what you want to say, and it is likely that no one is going to read it. Many people get that childlike feeling of glee after writing their first posting and finalizing it by hitting the submit button. The individual then scours the already-developed community of bloggers, giving supportive comments and clicking that ‘Like’ button in hopes that someone – anyone – will come say something really nice on their site.

After a few days, the poor individual may watch the visitor indicator on their site increase while the comment section remains untouched. With a deep, heavy sigh, there is only one logical response to such an event. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps, stab yourself in the knee with a fork, and write your second posting through tear-filled eyes – and try the process again.
This likely will be a repeated process for many weeks. In the first couple of days, you may choose to replace the fork with a spoon.

On a positive note, there is a chance that you will meet a handful of loveable followers in that time frame. It is no lie that networking can be challenging in the digital world. It is quite difficult to make real connections with real people through glamorized blog sites. And yet, here I am with all of you, dancing the same dance. I would just like to point out that unlike many of you I am participating in this dance without pants.

With that being said, I would greatly welcome you to come dance [network] with me.


6 thoughts on “Dance With Me

  1. Welcome to Blog Town, mister. Make sure to register your vehicle at the DMV sometime in the next six weeks, and if you want to meet interesting people, there’s a couple of cool diners down on Main Street. They close kinda early, though; you know how it is in small towns.

    It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

    • Thank you for the warm welcome, Nicholas. I actually am quite familiar with small towns. Just ate at one of the diners on Main Street. Food was delicious, seasoned with town gossip.

  2. Hi Josh,

    Welcome to the blogging world! I wasn’t too good at this online networking thing either, but I found as time went on and I consistently blogged, I met a wonderful and interesting group of online friends.


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